Uptown Magazine: Mike Merrill Is Determined to Become a Household Name

Model and actor Mike Merrill, 26, made it a point to change his circumstances and to pursue his passion. The emerging actor made his acting debut back in 2015 as Scott in Je’ Mclain’s stage play The Lies They Told. Ever since, the Detroit native has been determined to make himself a household name. Merrill made the transition into TV with Oxygen’s The Last Quad Standing and BET’s The Quad. UPTOWN caught up with Merrill and discussed his journey thus far, the actors who inspire him, and how he’s used social media to help advance his acting.

UPTOWN: For those that don’t know you yet, who is Mike Merrell and how did you get into acting?
Mike Merrill: My name is Mike Merrill and I’m an actor, entertainer, and model. I started in modeling in October of 2015. I went to a casting call for a fashion show and that’s what shot me through the roof for modeling. After I did the show, I transitioned into acting, which was theater. So I started in theater here in Detroit and I was doing that from November 2015 to March 2016. I did a networking trip to Atlanta, New York, and Chicago and ended up moving to Atlanta. That’s when I transitioned over into film. Now I’m on this journey of an up-and-coming successful actor.

So you also play in the web series Side Chick as James. In season one, we saw you getting messy on there. Have you ever put yourself in a situation in which you were dealing with two women at the same time?
MM: Noooo, I’ve never been in situation like that. I don’t put myself in a situation that’s hard to get out of. I don’t like being stuck in between the two so you won’t catch Mike Merrill in that situation. Season two is gonna be crazy. We are filming that right now actually and it’s looking real good. My character James is still going on that journey with Kia and Lynn, and he’s stuck in between the two. He’s confused like “I wanna marry my fiance, I still wanna do this, I really love her.” That’s the first time he’s cheated on his fiance [Kia] who was his high school sweetheart.

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