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Raised in and around The Motor City, the Detroit Players are a physically dominating group with members Mike, Armond, Charmaine, Nastashia and Nikia. Mike is handsome, charming, ambitious and finds himself in a power struggle with Armond for the attention of the ladies in the house.

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Side Chick (Webseries)

New Web Series. Hot & Talented Actors. Black Love & Relationships. Atlanta Swag.

Side Chick Season 2

Season 2 of Side Chick Web Series is back and will be available for you as soon as July 23, 2017.


Codes Commanded 

Tommy and his  squad land in an undisclosed location to complete an arcane objective only to have the mission go horribly wrong.


Life goes on (web seres)

Black Web Series. A young man had to move back to Detroit from Chicago because his girlfriend mother passed away. Later to meet her real mother was living in a mental house. Violence,Money,Family and Struggle.